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Capacity Building


Want to develop cooperation and teamwork for employees to achieve a common goal in your company? If you answered yes then Extreme Adventure Park is the ideal location. Become a successful organization by encompassing effective teams that are working towards achieving a common purpose or goal. Our team of trainers offers activities and games to meet these objectives and much more. We use the power of play to make each experience worth the money invested.

High Ropes at Busika


Test your Body, Mind and Spirit.

At Extreme Adventure Park, you will challenge yourself on three levels of our high ropes’ obstacle challenges. All three ninja, commando and extreme levels of the high ropes’ elements combine different interesting obstacles to include bamboo rafts, spider webs. Bring along the family and your group of buddies to test your strength, mind and spirit in an adrenaline rush experience. The course is designed as a workout session and you will soon glide along as you are challenged from one obstacle to another. We ensure you get all the fun you are looking for even when it is a challenge!


If you love to shoot then you will enjoy paintball. Bring your buddies and tussle it out on the paintball field where we will divide you in teams until we have the last team standing. Our instructors will excite you through the different options of games. For safety we provide overalls, a helmet and chest guards.

Ziplining at the Extreme Adventure Park Busika


If you love excitement then you will love our double ziplines which are both independent and attached to each level of the high ropes’ obstacle course. The zipline is the reward for the challenging three course and level obstacle. What are you waiting for, get your bussies together and book already?

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